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hotel califfo a cagliari


Why is our name Hotel Califfo?

From the year 1000 up to 1700, lots oftimes the Arabs tried to invadeSardinia but they were always rejected; Sardinians have always been tenacious in to defend their coasts.A proof of thisare eitherNuraghi andTowers called "Aragonese", along the whole Coast of Sardinia.Some Aragonese Towers were built above of the Nuraghi; an evidence can be found next to hotel Califfo nearby Torre delle Stelle (Tower of the Stars).

One Aragonese Tower named Tower Foxi, rises next to hotel Califfo.

The conflicts with the pirates coming from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco, nearly all under the command of the Ottoman empire, were frequent and often hard.

In one of these occasions, the legend says that the Caliph Alì Well Kaddun lost his life in battle; the place where this battle took place should be where the hotel Califfo rises.

Here is the reason why the hotel took this name.

Besides this curiosity, we would liketo inform our guests with cultural interests with following information:

Sardinia is an ancient, fascinating and mysterious island. Its history differs a lot from the history of Italy that we usually learn at school. The visit of Sardinia can be an unique occasion to understand the historical scenery of the Mediterranean and the connections with civilization thatusually are not set in contact with the history traditionally taught.

We advise to deepen the two ages that have represented for Sardinia the political independence andthe development of autochthonous civilization that represent all the "difference" that make of Sardinia… almost a Continent (have a look at the famous book of Marcello Serra "Sardinia almost a Continent").

This two epochsare surely the Nuragica and the Giudicale.